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Windsor Probe System -James Instruments WP-727 & Z -WP-535 Power Drive Kit

Windsor Probe System -James Instruments WP-727 & Z -WP-535 Power Drive Kit

$ 3,200.00

Windsor Probe System  -James Instruments WP-727 & Z -WP-535 Power Drive Kit.

3 Probe Locating Firing templates , 1 probe 3 way yellow template,1 Barrel brush rod,
 3 single probe measuring plates, 3 single probe measuring caps, 1with draw kit,
 1 Driver Head for probe.(come with items in pictures only)

Windsor Probe - in-place concrete test system, 38 silver probes and power loads included.

The WP-725 Electronic Measuring Upgrade for Windsor Probe adjusts standard manual systems to the full-featured electronic system, complete with electronic data acquisition and calculation of probe data.


  • Quickly and accurately measures probe length
  • Estimates in-place compressive strength
  • Can store tests to be uploaded to your PC

Not Included Items: usb PC Conector)
The Windsor Probe Test System Kit is designed for in place testing of normal and high-strength concrete for compressive strength and quality.  The tests take less than five minutes and provide immediate, reliable results. They may be performed on slabs, floors, ceilings, walls, curved surfaces and pavements. It may also be used at construction sites to determine when forms can be stripped.

Came from State of CT  has some Engraviing over all Good condition tested to work see picture's


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