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Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit w/ Toothbrush / Dog/Cat  Enzymatic ToothPaste

Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit w/ Toothbrush / Dog/Cat Enzymatic ToothPaste

$ 12.00


Virbac C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit w/ Toothbrush / Finger Brush Enzymatic Toothpaste
For Dog and Cat.

(New item some wear on   package plastic loose on right side was taped  see pictures. )

CET Oral Hygiene Kit For Dogs and Cats Pet toothbrush kit with 70G toothpaste

This is the C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit.

The C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit is for home dental care. Each kit contains a finger toothbrush, dual-ended toothbrush with two brushing heads, and a 2.5-ounce tube of poultry-flavored C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste. To improve results, use C.E.T. AquaDent and give C.E.T. Chews.

C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit for Cats and Dogs


• The Kit is perfect to start or maintain a home dental care program

The toothpaste cleans teeth and freshens breath

• Pets enjoy the taste

• No reported side effects

How it works:

The C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste helps to neutralize mouth odors with natural antibacterial action. The finger toothbrush is to be uséd when first introducing your pet to the tooth brushing experience. The dual-ended toothbrush provides a long handle with reverse angle heads which allows for easy application. The tapered ends conform to your pets mouth and teeth while its dual ends can be uséd for large and small tooth surfaces.

More Information:

Brand Name

C.E.T. Oral Hygiene Kit (Virbac)

Active Ingredient(s): Toothpaste contains; Sorbitol, Purified Water, Dicalcium Phosphate Anhydrous, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Poultry Digest, Dextrose, Xanthan Gum, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Thiocyanate, Glucose Oxidase (aspergillus niger), and Lactoperoxidase.

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