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Kef K Series K-120 80W Bookshelf Speakers SP 3132 (Pair)MF Year (1991-93)

Kef K Series K-120 80W Bookshelf Speakers SP 3132 (Pair)MF Year (1991-93)

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Kef K Series K-120 80W Bookshelf Speakers SP 3132 (Pair)MF Year (1991-93)

K120  MF Year (1991-93)
The K120 was a compact two-way system with a 6.5”(165mm) bass/midrange unit and a deeper than average cabinet to give the extra volume required for better than average bass performance. K120 was ideal for a first or second system, an audio-visual installation.
The very first KEF compact speaker, in 1961 was the K1, a three-way baffle available in several formats. Since than, an honorable tradition of music related "C" series names has held sway. In this thirtieth anniversary year, the initial "K" returns to identify three models, each of which embodies the principles, experience, and tradition learned and earned during the past three decades.Careful attention to both visual and acoustic design means that the "K" Series models are as easy and attractive to integrate into a home environment as they are capable of reproducing today's sometimes complex and demanding recordings in a lifelike and convincing manner.

Specification: K 120

System Type:  Two-way, wall/shelf-mount

Enclosure Type:  Closed box

Nominal Impedance:  8 Ω

Amplifier Requirements:  10 - 80 W

Frequency Response:  65 Hz to 20,000 Hz [±3 dB at 2m on reference axis (-6dB at 50Hz)]

Sensitivity:  87 dB at 1m/2.83V (anechoic conditions)

Maximum Output:  107 dB [on programme peaks under typical listening conditions]

System:  SP3132

Drive units:

Low Frequency:  bass unit B 160 (SP1283),

High Frequency:  25mm tweeter (SP1231)

Crossover:   SP2176

Dimensions (H x W x D):  340 x 205 x 246mm (13,3" x 8,1" x 9,7")

Weight:  5.6kg (12.5 lbs

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